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Newborn me,
Didn’t know the world,
And the world didn’t know me.
With closed, arched eyes,
I slept through most memories.
All that surrounded me were
Genuine smiles and affectionate hugs.
No judgement of the sparse hair or the dangly cheeks.
A soft bundle of fat, lying peacefully behind my crib.

100-days-old me,
First perceived the charming colours of this world,
The delayed termination of darkness
Was a relief to my family.
I travelled everywhere in my little stroller,
Breathing the air from all over town.

One-year-old me,
Blew a candle for the first time.
I walked my first steps inside an aquarium,
With a sea of monsters in proximity.
My confused eyes locked on my grandpa’s hand
As I learned to make my first peace sign.
A beaming smile spread across my face
With every camera flash.

Five-year-old me, 
Saw falling snowflakes for the first time.
I kicked and made my first splash in the pool,
And soon grew terrified of sinking like a coin to the bottom.
My feet scurried through a school hallway
And said hi to a teacher for the first time.
I sang my first note on a mic,
And danced through my first ballet lesson.

Seven-year-old me,
Rode a plane for the first time.
I visited my favourite heroes in Disneyland.
I lost my first tooth and went on my first rope course.
Sparks scattered around me as I celebrated my first New Year.
Too young to worry, too young to realize.

Soon, many of these first times had its second and third times.
I became better at the things I practiced.
However, realizing years later that “me”
Isn’t really all about myself.
All the joy and tears were shared with others.
Mere words can not express my gratitude for everyone.
Time elapses without constraint,
Oblivious of any emotions.
It helped me become the teenager that I longed to be
But forced more wrinkles and silver hair to those I love.
Perhaps the thirty or fifty-year-old me will not have you by my side
But will always remember and love you dearly. 

Copyright © Wen Ding