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Quietly I spoken, true words; To shy to say; Too shy to say out loud; I love you!! Spoken beautifully and loud and clear, For the world to hear; I say to myself God Oh Lord I love her; I thing toe world of you girl, woman I love her, Oh!! I am living a quiet night with my lonely heart; Oh and I am guiltily quietly awaiting the return of affection; Coming from you girl, I truly love you more defections; In the gardens.. pear trees blossoming from orchards and farms; Love nests, pretty little mama's being lead by the arm; Quiet nights and lonely hearts; Bring past memories of days we're part; Quiet nights at days end; Depended on our love, my dearest friend; There's a shadow of doubt; Behind the world of pain; A light of love all about; Lonely hearts in vain Day breaks and days ends; And days spread away; Quiet nights depends; On lonely hearts at bay; Those quiet nights depending on Lonely hearts at bay; Now that we're finally together... This be the end of my quiet night and lonely hearts
11/16/70 9/11/70 Written words by James Edward Lee©1970, 2019 Written @ North High School 1970 for Class assignment

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr.