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No I Don't Wanna

I spend the night, thinking about the swirl
Waiting for the call, I can't fight the qual
The whirlpool of spiral demit
"What?!" The test ...
What they emit, agenda's to suck me in
I can't forfeit, I won't, I can't ...
"Give in, it gets better"
But does it ever?
"Take it" I won't, I can't ...
Everything you feed me
Is everything I'm fond
Of but has nothing to do with God
Or strengthening the bond
"Accept, it's fun" I won't, I can't ...
It'll cause great harm
"Just seize" I won't, I can't ...
You just want me to fall apart
And live in part
"Perfect, is no one"

I'm in a hole but can't
Put down the shovel
You make edgy seem subtle
Trying to sharping it's blunt
Edges! My tree has being
Planted, but you try to cut
Me down, my grass has grown
But you try to mow me down
The paint has pealed, but
You try to relish coat the rut
Place me with chicken's
And tell me "soon, I shall soar"
I won't, I firmly won't give in
I abhor your heathendom
Get away from me!
Try to quench my thirst
With profound lust 
I can't grasp
You may come in mass
But your just a cloud of profaned mist

Copyright © Kyle N. Sampson