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If I Could

If I could, I would write a love poem that never exist
But exist in the lost mind of the betrayal of love.
If I could, I would stop the movement of the clock,
If I could go to heaven to see God, I would go
On sunday and ask him why men are different from
Women whose brains are always at their back head.

If I could love, I would love pretty ugly women,
If I could marry, I would marry ugly women
So that I won't  be able to share my jewel with
Anyone who does not know how to wear his pant.
If I could dream, I would dream like Joseph and
Dance along the earthless edges of the world with smiles.

If I could say yes at the presence of the sun,
I would behold the moon and ask him of my father.
If I could get money, I would be happy and good
But Alas, no amount of money can supplant the sadness I have caused in the presence of my pursuit.
No amount of wondering can rephrase my reneged promises to those children of the butterfly street.

Now chrismas is at the corner of my door waiting,
If I could water her soul and bath her body,
She would be happy to stay in my house and be
My guest; for a night stand with a sister like her is not a sin to the adulterous Romans whose lips are calling me.
If I could, I would stop the Chimpanzees from jubilating and  languishing their joyless moods.

If I could, I would call on the rain on those lost daughters of yours whose legs are blindfolding my eyes.
The seasoned soup  has watered my palatable stomach and I hope to release my tomorrow to him.
If I could make love to that lady, I would begin from her head.
If I could become a father today, I would be a wise father.
If I could dance I would dance just like David.  


Copyright © john chizoba vincent