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It was all a dream then,
I just saw you alive again,
I just thought about it, how I never touched you, and even barely broke-in english,
and a future of imaginations fluidly flowing south to the sea, where our spirits live
we made love, 
all the time, actually just enough to feel like we're never even here,
I heard your voice inside,
so deep,
so caustic,
I crept into a void like the 'nobody can have it so swell, this whole being must end-us in hell!'

It was said in magnificient books,
how long it can take to fall in love,
with me I simply laughed at you laughing at me,
I simply let in the imagery,
and then the feeling that protects us,
I simply looked at myself, right after we're done and fell for a thousand years

Copyright © Jimmi Canada