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Crazy Horse


My crazy cat's called Crazy Horse;
abandoned at birth, she's a bit different
like calls to like its said.
No mummy to teach catty behaviour,
tiny blue eyes barely open
desperate to live, on discarded cat kibble.

Brought home, snuggled to warm,
under my chin -
suddenly – eyes still shut, smelt our blue vein
in bed snacks, special treat!
Fierce fluffed one competed easily
quickly got the lion's share
we were too bemused to argue.

Tiny tum replete – napping all.
Then wah, what where?  Jerked awake
tiny pogo stick legs
boinged all night long!
On our duvet covered chests
seems blue cheese an instant fix
for dearth of mother's milk!

And hasn't stopped galloping since.
Her favourite game is chasey
which keeps me warm!
Has taken 10 years to finally
jump to my knee.
Takes much talking, trying both sides
patting my legs til makes the final lap.

Still wild instincts want to flee
doesn't stop her nagging me loudly
butting in with her conversation
when I'm on the phone.
(especially to the bank)
who puzzle over my giggles
during our numerical discussion.

Her second name 'Talks to Flies'
though not a healer, has the 2nd 
language of cats
though it's usually employed
in talking to birds!

So as I've said slightly wrong
in the head.
As a youngster puzzled me greatly
beans I'd picked would disappear
to be found much later - 
under furniture desiccated.

Caught her one day – stalking prey
intent – crouched, waiting
on a freshly picked bean to pounce!
Oh dear!  Still no worries
for the native bird flock!

On arrival home, she hurtles thru cat door;
galloping and skidding mats about
So happy to see me
my doggy like Crazy Horse!

Copyright © Virginia Waters10