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So Old Acquaintances Forgot Drawn Back Together

Should old acquaintances 
be forgot

Fear not dear fellowship
of extended family and
still but close estranged friends

Since alas last we met as we
do on Old New Year's Eve again

Sigh not as surely rotten circumstances will surely draw
us back together

Under the guise of one this
fragile life's most
cruelest of intentions

When we are forced to gather
each and every one of us
adorned dressed in sullen

To so called feign celebrate
the untimely death and passing
of a certain someone 

We cared enough so much 
about throughout our life

We felt duty bound to appear
amongst the many mourners
here today 

Because you yourself quite
well know that if death was
on the other foot

And it was you not their
remains being lowered
into a shallow grave

They would be doing exactly 
the same are you are now

Stood teary eyed with hands 
firmly pressed behind said
back head tilted downward
to six below ground zero abyss 

Gladly wishing and willing
to take your place instead

The topic toast and boast
of old acquaintance

Gone but not to be forgotten

Come strike the countdown

Of next years

Old new years eve

Copyright © Christopher Flaherty