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A Glorious View

I sit on the beach 
My toes are surrounded by sand 
My hand holds a steaming cup of hot chocolate 
And around my shoulders is a cozy and warm blanket 

My eyes 
Drift up high 
Towards the sky 

The sky is getting dark 
As a beautiful sunset begins to form 
And in my mind I imagine 
Heavenly Father painting the sunset in the sky 
For all of his earthy children to admire 

Beyond the beauty of the sunset 
My eyes 
They admire the trees

 I wonder 
how trees came to be 
on the earth 

then my mind begins to wander 
and think if trees could talk 
what would they say to each other? 

Then my eyes 
They drift towards the ocean 

The ocean is so calm 
It makes me want to run
Into the water 
And splash around just like a dolphin 

Blissful is how I feel 
From my spot on the beach 
Wishing I could hold on to the beautiful scenery forever 
and wishing time would stand still 
So I wouldn’t have to eventually leave the beach and it’s glorious view

Copyright © Emily Krauss