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Ant Encounter

I was relaxing one night while reading in bed,
then felt something crawling, as I froze with dread.
Fearing it could be a spider or a dreaded bed bug,
It’s Just my luck since I was feeling cozy and snug.
It’s now running up my leg, as I let out a yell,
while quickly jumping out of bed, I nearly fell.
I threw the covers back, while cringing with fear,
not sure what I will find and if it’s still there.
I spot the huge black ant running all around,
I quickly grab a tissue, hoping to take it him down.
Luckily, I was able to rid the big black ant in my bed,
and any new bug encounters will end up dead.

(My poem was inspired by an ant encounter I had last night while I was reading in bed. Just glad it wasn't a spider!)

Copyright © Tania Kitchin