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My Dear Child

My dear child, 
You mean the world to me,
Your smile and your loving kisses fills my heart and brighten up my life,
I treasure every word you say and keep each one close to my heart,
You have taught me many lessons and through you I have learnt the true value of life, 
You fill my heart with so much joy from the time you wake until you are asleep,
Your beautiful smile and caring heart has stolen every part of my heart,
The best feeling in the world is waking up everyday knowing I have someone special in my life to call me mum,
And that is something that I will treasure forever,
My dear sweet child,
I want to thank the Lord above for blessing me with the most precious gift,
That is you my daughter,
I am super proud of all your accomplishments.
Each and every day you show me and teach me what it truly means to love, 
you bring a smile to my face,
There is no one in this world that compares to you my dear child.
I am blessed to have a daughter like you.

Copyright © Ashnee Chetty