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One day on a starry night
The shy Moon hid her face
Behind dark gathering Clouds 
Like brocade lace under the sky
If you ask me why?
I would not know!
But this is how the story goes

The Cloud King asked the Moon for a dance
She smiled with a blush and a shy glance
While the Stars winked a wink
As the gathering Clouds slowly waltz on
The Moon shone a full golden glow
In her beautiful silver grey studded gown
That flowed on and on

The music was silent 
Yet the Stars knew
The dance was between 
The Clouds and the Moon
when everything was still
The Moon was a blush
Good Night dear dark Clouds 
She said with a hush! 

As the Sun rose with a smile
To warm the face of Earth
Good Morning my dear friends
I guess you now know
In the misty Moon light
Why the Clouds waltz to and fro


Copyright © Lorna Malla