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no true poetry fans as reenactment is explained for suckers

no true poetry fans as reenactment is explained for suckers 18.10.18

as of late in pickle
but getting out of hand
so going to explain in a trickle
all suckers will understand.
back in the day derogatory
news about the bacon
revenge from bill not voluntary
only they new what was taken.
that's all that followed
just to give a shake
no other history to be swallowed
categorically no implication in my for EVER shake.
before you jump gun
you really need to investigate
i thought bill and poetry under thumb
not doing home work is the infuriate.

one of my pet hates is to explain poetry as i want it to be up to what  the reader wants it to be about. but i am being pushed into a corner. i would like to categorically say that when i referred to a reenactment in poetry, i am referring  to is something that i feel was done to me for writing the below poems. i would like to explain poetry is just that - poetry. how people interpret it is entirely up to the reader. thank you for reading. 

no reenactment saturday 24 march 2018 ( my sincere apology to old bill ) 25.03.18


thinking is my imagination

to express will follow

day before gave old bill penetration

the reconstruction i have to swallow.

its tongue and cheek

just how to get through

names for old bill were a Internet leak

to provoke a reaction is all that's true.

metro i adore

every week day its reliable

now exposed feeling open and raw

to have the thin blue line as a fan is honourable.

down on my hands and knees

i no this you will like

accept my apology please

i deserved a bullet from saturdays bike.

poetry is my excitement

every day it provides glory

old bill i forgive you for your reenactment

lets be friends because i am truly sorry.

even pigs addicted to selfies relax we love it suckersurge 24.03.18

this will join

for sure it will see the red card

going to get some loin

the next most wanted from scotland yard.

disgracebook may be on the cut

there is still plenty of spam

4 cheeks showing like boston butt

these 2 officers going for some picnic ham.

doing some serious stock

a murder investigation can never be rinsed

hell have no fury with 2 that are hock

going to watch my back fat incase i am minced.

serious lack of professionalism

straight talking and no fibs

the trotters are going to give me criticism

hope they don't break and spare my ribs.

pic below shows 2 pointed snout

locked is a message in this yale

criticism of social media is the only clout

next selfie smile and lift up the jowl.

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