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My Captain

Dear Walt, my precious poet 
Your words do inspire, your pen tells every human’s truth
Every word so admired, it shares your journey to recite
With steadfast care, each thought longstanding
So we can follow your path of broad, robust and vast
Understanding from the knowledge of history that leads us all
Dear captain, to each of our possible destinies
In our hearts, minds and timeless lives!

To turn each elegy into a flower’s song so gloriously told
Exquisite pluck and promises of the scene you create
Has substance so bold, you discorrupt the body
To save our mortal souls and bring us our redemption
For human quests unfold from where your center thrives
Emanating so to bequest our needful dreaming within
As our eyes read your masterpiece deriving to dare
A footpath for our hearts and lives!

Dear beloved Walt, revived in a summer’s blade of grass
You know the story well my friend from our beginnings
And from our past, of cradles endlessly rocking
We grow with barefoot senses to touch the earth
In places where few can go, we are alone and fatal
Yet your faith does shine over the fences of things we cannot be
So enraptured, endured in our minds to set us free
We find your verity and kindness, our lives assured!

February 22, 2021

Copyright © Lonna Blodgett