Top 100 Community Poets - Recent

These are the Top 100 poets that have been the most active community builders within the past TWO WEEKS. Rankings are determined by community participation.

Premium Member Poem = Premium Member

RankPM PoetCountry
1 Premium Member Dietrich Avatar Andrea Dietrich United States
2 Premium Member Roper Avatar Eve Roper United States
3 Premium Member ALLISON Avatar JAN ALLISON Isle Of Man
4 Talbot Avatar Mick Talbot United Kingdom
5 Premium Member Rodrigues Avatar Kim Rodrigues United States
6 Premium Member Robinson Jr. Avatar Freddie Robinson Jr. United States
7 Premium Member Sands Avatar Heidi Sands United States
8 Premium Member McGreavy Avatar Maureen McGreavy Canada
9 Premium Member duggan Avatar peter duggan Australia
10 Premium Member Connell Avatar Carol Connell United States
11 Leonardi  Avatar Annieve Leonardi United States
12 Horn Avatar James Horn United States
13 Premium Member Lee Sr. Avatar James Edward Lee Sr. United States
14 Premium Member Chiri Avatar Brenda Chiri United States
15 Premium Member Pandit Avatar Vijay Pandit United States
16 Premium Member Tripp Avatar Rhoda Tripp United States
17 Premium Member One Avatar Silent One United Kingdom
18 Premium Member Barden Avatar Gregory R Barden United States
19 Premium Member Loo Avatar Laura Loo United States
20 Premium Member Gauthier Avatar Line Gauthier Canada
21 Premium Member Wings Avatar Broken Wings Canada
22 Premium Member Raynes Avatar Lewis Raynes Australia
23 De Beaulieu Avatar Darlene De Beaulieu Canada
24 Sinha-Roy Avatar Subimal Sinha-Roy India
25 Premium Member Smile Avatar Sunshine Smile Norway
26 Premium Member Michael Avatar Arturo Michael United States
27 Premium Member Warrior Avatar Winged Warrior Canada
28 Jean-Baptiste Avatar Nagella Jean-Baptiste United States
29 Premium Member Buhagiar Avatar Victor Buhagiar Malta
30 Premium Member Enriquez Avatar Leon Enriquez Singapore
31 Lovejoy-Burton Avatar Leanne Lovejoy-Burton Australia
32 Premium Member Gondolf Avatar John Gondolf United States
33 Premium Member May Avatar Joseph May United States
34 Boswell Avatar Timothy Boswell United States
35 Premium Member vaso Avatar arthur vaso Canada
36 Smith Avatar Tim Smith United States
37 Premium Member Ellison Avatar Jack Ellison Canada
38 Premium Member Lamoureux Avatar Richard Lamoureux Canada
39 Premium Member Ashley Avatar Susan Ashley United States
40 Premium Member Rigoler Avatar Maurice Rigoler United States
41 Premium Member French Avatar Jonathan French United Kingdom
42 Premium Member Jennings Avatar CayCay Jennings United States
43 hoffman Avatar cheryl hoffman United States
44 Premium Member Daniel Avatar Jo Daniel India
45 Babbit Avatar DM Babbit United States
46 Premium Member Wanter Avatar Sunlite Wanter United States
47 Tracy Avatar Melissa Tracy United States
48 Callus Avatar Paul Callus Malta
49 Premium Member CRESSWELL Avatar PATRICIA CRESSWELL Canada
50 bauer Avatar ilene bauer United States
51 Premium Member Haight Avatar Sandra Haight United States
52 Dutta Avatar Anisha Dutta India
53 Premium Member Adams Avatar PAT Adams United States
54 Premium Member Lindley Avatar Robert Lindley United States
55 Premium Member S     Avatar Judith S United States
56 Downing  Avatar Akkina Downing United States
57 Premium Member Teagan Avatar Becca Teagan United States
58 Gentile Avatar Mike Gentile United States
59 Premium Member lawless Avatar John lawless United States
60 Premium Member onclaud Avatar nette onclaud Philippines
61 Premium Member Petersen Potter Avatar Dorian Petersen Potter United States
62 Premium Member Swartz Avatar James Swartz United States
63 Premium Member Parker Avatar Frederic Parker United States
64 Premium Member Pett Avatar Roy Pett United Kingdom
65 Premium Member Williams Avatar Maria Williams Australia
66 Whitmore Avatar Kristina Whitmore United States
67 Hopper Avatar Anna Hopper United States
68 Premium Member Hauser  Avatar Mike Hauser United States
69 Premium Member Trifiatis Avatar Demetrios Trifiatis Greece
70 Chan Avatar Bernard Chan Hong Kong
71 Jain Avatar Sanket Jain India
72 Y. Avatar Alexis Y. United States
73 Gupta Avatar Probir Gupta India
74 Premium Member Krampe Avatar Agnes Krampe United States
75 A. Avatar Antonia A. Lebanon
76 Premium Member Smith Avatar Charlie Smith United States
77 Sathasivam Avatar Ravi Sathasivam Sri Lanka
78 Premium Member Lindsey Avatar Catie Lindsey United States
79 Premium Member Thayer Avatar Vickie Thayer United States
80 Premium Member Gibson Avatar Faye Gibson United States
81 Premium Member Mays Avatar Carol Mays United States
82 Premium Member Shaw Avatar Kevin Shaw United Kingdom
83 Poet Avatar OB1 Poet United States
84 Premium Member Marcum Wong Avatar Connie Marcum Wong United States
85 Premium Member cornish Avatar craig cornish United States
86 Premium Member Lane Avatar Lin Lane United States
87 Morning Avatar July Morning United States
88 Premium Member Bateman Avatar Gary Bateman Germany
89 mckenzie Avatar niketa mckenzie Jamaica
90 Premium Member Rodeheaver  Avatar Julie Leigh Rodeheaver United States
92 McCall Avatar Edward McCall United States
93 Premium Member tekai Avatar taai tekai Kiribati
95 Premium Member Cozart Avatar Dale Gregory Cozart United States
96 Manaila Avatar Ghita Manaila Romania
97 Haigh Avatar Robert Haigh United Kingdom
98 Premium Member horsman Avatar harry horsman United Kingdom
99 Premium Member Manassian Avatar Eileen Manassian _Not Listed
100 Premium Member Kendrick Avatar Sara Kendrick United States