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Remembering The Spread In The West Ham United Relegation Debt

It is at the half 
And the Hammies have not taken a bath 
Due to the rain 
Schedule was changed and that was a pain 
You see the UK had swamps like in Florida 
Delaying the little piggy’s invitation to be slaughtered,
Playing Manchester City in the big blue house 
Now having a Wed date despite not having a spouse  
Going easy Man City had a strike 
But that was it and after forty-five minutes the Hammies were psyched. 
Are they the ones being taken? 
Allowing Manchester City to collect the bacon.
Or will they escape the market trip?
In the prime time English Premiere football script
Early on West Ham stretcher made an appearance 
Giving a Hammer substitute clearance 
Man City had a miss calculated shot 
And West Ham still looked hot 
It was still 
One nil 
As West Ham got first aid 
The Citizens made moves as an attempt to make the sports book grade 
With another one put in goal 
Manchester City waited for West Ham to fold 
Throwing the ham on the frying pan 
Manchester City shrugged off that well reported UEFA ban 
Knowing it was time to coast
MC hinted to West Ham “it is time for that relegation roast” 
 Time is ticking and the Hammies are still alive 
Using the sports book getting 2.5 message of ‘give it a good try’ 
Would there be another goal?  
As they deal with reality being cold. 
Extra time is now on the board 
And the sporting midweek evening was headed for the door.
Refs put up a time of four 
And even Bubbles The Bear said look at the score 
Hanging on to the bitter end 
The Hammies were able to defend 
Making a spread by a half point 
And giving a reason for a laugh at the sports book joint. 
Next up London boys 
The Industrial workers known for the rock and roll band that were toys? 
Give it your best 
The high pro filers may confess 
As the people realize if you were out of the glitz and glamour 
You could make real money using a hammer

Copyright © Marc O'Brien