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Mother Nature

glory of morning sun on forest of trees, the twitter of birds from many nests unseen, what devilish mind, cruel hands would fell these? clear stream lilting through, reflect moon’s silver sheen, caressing pebbled shores, nurturing the seeds, what evil creature pollutes with waste unclean? many orchards of fruits and grains for our needs, a host of colours with flowers, humming bees, what heartless soul would drop a bomb to cause bleeds? in azure blue skies fly a flock of white geese, over snow clad tops of Himalayan peaks, what greedy species would shoot and kill with ease? mother nature groans as she weeps, shakes and creaks, can we stop, listen? to her children she speaks!
written 7/ March/2021 While mother earth gently moans poetry contest D.W.Rodgers sponsored Terza Rima Sonnet aba,bcb,cdc,ded, ee rhyme sequence 11 syllable each line

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