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Harbingers of doom single large Tsunami wave completely covers three west coast USA's states

One of the four angelic messenger harbingers of doom, drew a large red line
from California, to Oregon and to Washington State. Clearly indicating the
exact boundaries where disaster was soon to strike!  This single large Tsunami
wave was to completely cover all three Pacific Coastal states without any advance
warning being allowed to take place.

There is a lot of demonic and occultist phenomenon occurring simultaneously
and what's worse those demonic beings from the pits of hell fire and brimstone
are being invited of being rejected.  The entertainment industry and social media
are largely to blame.

This was not mentioned by any of the four trumpet blowing messenger angels.
But it is a very good rationale because it is demonic forces and not angelic ones 
that are going to cause this single large Tsunami wave to completely cover all 
three states at the exact same time!  Remember the watery devastation that
happened to the island nation of Japan when a large Tsunami wave completely
covered it?

I believe it was predicted that the west coast USA would be one of the regions
where a large Tsunami wave was to take place. This was several years after
the one in Japan happened.  But as always, it became buried in the sands of
time, because it was replaced by other natural disasters happening during
that time frame.

"Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." This not only applies to the west
coast's USA but for the rest of you as well.  If God is going to allow this to happen
to all of us living on the west coast?  Just think, for a minute, what is slatted to
happen to the area where you are residing? It has been predicted by the secular
media as well "that there wasn't going to be any safe place for people to run to."
Those days are here and have been here for a long time.

Wasn't those recent large magnitude earth quakes on the rector scale hitting
Turkey and Syria also advance warnings of harbingers of doom. The Lord is
rapidly getting ready to wrap things up on "The Late Great Planet Earth," Hall
Lindsey 1970's!

Some prophets are  predicting the great catching away could happen in 2023,
while others mention 2030 or other twenty-first century dates.  Amen!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry
Roxy Lea/October Country

I once told my deceased mother Eleanor May Dubarry, "If God doesn't wrap 
things up in the 20th century, He most certainly will wrap things up in the
21st century.  Fortunately for my mother, she was promoted to go home to
heaven June 2007!

Copyright © Roxanne Dubarry