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Monkey with a Peanut

This is for all you trampled and forgotten
freezing in a hell not of your making
inching your way up the ethereal gangway
jockeying for rank and recognition
among the heavens the aristocracy
the drooling two headed priesthood 
cheap seat keepers of the pure flame
how pure just ask them and run
mineral springed and thermalized
and sanitized for the eyeless inspectors
by their several scruffy butlers
a profitless study of elusive trifles
spilling out onto the unclean street
a  morass of mortifying characterizations
and profound bar stool divinations
told to any monkey with a peanut
to sacrifice in a shrewd exchange
billed as regeneration but more like
fencing contraband for a cohort of thieves
who are nothing more than a crack in the glass
chronically avoiding the camera lens
come here you fluffy little bunny
tell us a story that hasn't been told before
I'm all ears pointing in all directions
Melody Fontanelle the Cliche Contessa
skids to a stop throws the door open 
in front of my gleaming Doc Martins
her eyeball shape receivers work me over
like a $3 pizza at Rock N' Bowl
personally she breathes hot in my face 
it's little more than a matter of repetition
as a skin bag full of molecules will instruct us
yah but the scales are all thumbs I blurt
come here rabbit man she croons
and I feel the edges of my personal outline
begin to ring like the wet lip of a wine glass
too many cooks she snickeringly inquires
yes and not one of them a wire dancer
the only calculation in my turgid response
which continues to this very instant

Copyright © Walter Alter