African American Poems | Famous Poems

African American Poems. The best and most popular famous African American Poems of All-Time written by African American poets.

RankEnglish PoemPoet
1 Still I Rise Angelou, Maya
2 The Lesson Angelou, Maya
3 The Power of a Smile Shakur, Tupac
4 Touched by An Angel Angelou, Maya
5 We Alone Walker, Alice
6 The Rose that Grew from Concrete Shakur, Tupac
7 Life Through My Eyes Shakur, Tupac
8 I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Angelou, Maya
9 Still Here Hughes, Langston
10 When You Come Angelou, Maya
11 Dream Deferred Hughes, Langston
12 Justice Hughes, Langston
13 Love Is Giovanni, Nikki
14 On the Pulse of Morning Angelou, Maya
15 I Cry Shakur, Tupac
16 Before you knew you owned it Walker, Alice
17 Liberty Needs Glasses Shakur, Tupac
18 Mother to Son Hughes, Langston
19 Expect Nothing Walker, Alice
20 Dream Variations Hughes, Langston
21 Passing Time Angelou, Maya
22 CHOICES Giovanni, Nikki
23 The Rock Cries Out to Us Today Angelou, Maya
24 Inaugural Poem Angelou, Maya
25 Phenomenal Woman Angelou, Maya
26 Who will cry for the little boy? Fisher, Antwone
27 So I Say GOODBYE Shakur, Tupac
28 A young heart with an old soul Shakur, Tupac
29 Let America Be America Again Hughes, Langston
30 Freedoms Plow Hughes, Langston
31 Alone Angelou, Maya
32 The Old Men Used to Sing Walker, Alice
33 The Mother Brooks, Gwendolyn
34 Woman Work Angelou, Maya
35 The Crazy Woman Brooks, Gwendolyn
36 You Came, Too Giovanni, Nikki
37 Ambition Over Adversity Shakur, Tupac
38 Quiet Girl Hughes, Langston
39 Gray Walker, Alice
40 Life doesn't frighten me at all Angelou, Maya
41 I Too Sing America Hughes, Langston
42 Rememberance Angelou, Maya
43 We Real Cool Brooks, Gwendolyn
44 The Lovers of the Poor Brooks, Gwendolyn
45 The Negro Mother Hughes, Langston
46 Life Cycles Giovanni, Nikki
47 A Conceit Angelou, Maya
48 Young Niggas Shakur, Tupac
49 Can You See the Pride in the Panther Shakur, Tupac
50 Four-Letter Word Emanuel, James A
51 Men Angelou, Maya
52 Million Man March Poem Angelou, Maya
53 EACH ONE, PULL ONE Walker, Alice
54 Life Is Fine Hughes, Langston
55 Habits Giovanni, Nikki
56 Adolescence II Dove, Rita
57 We Wear the Mask Laurence Dunbar, Paul
58 To Be In Love Brooks, Gwendolyn
59 Fruit of the Flower Cullen, Countee
60 And 2Morrow Shakur, Tupac
61 On Imagination Wheatley, Phillis
62 Democracy Hughes, Langston
63 The revolution will not be televised Scott-Heron, Gil
64 Dedication Soyinka, Wole
65 Insomniac Angelou, Maya
66 When Ure Hero Falls Shakur, Tupac
67 Weekend Glory Angelou, Maya
68 Untitled 1 Shakur, Tupac
69 IN THE SMALL HOURS Soyinka, Wole
70 Refusal Angelou, Maya
71 Jada Shakur, Tupac
72 Nothing Can Come Between Us Shakur, Tupac
73 In The Depths of Solitude Shakur, Tupac
74 Untitled 2 Shakur, Tupac
75 Fallen Star Shakur, Tupac
76 Momma Welfare Roll Angelou, Maya
77 I Said to Poetry Walker, Alice
78 Im A Fool To Love You Eady, Cornelius
79 All I Gotta Do Giovanni, Nikki
80 Problems Hughes, Langston
81 When I Die Giovanni, Nikki
82 The Negro Speaks Of Rivers Hughes, Langston
83 The Shroud of Color Cullen, Countee
84 The Bistro Styx Dove, Rita
85 Theme For English B Hughes, Langston
86 To a Lady on the Death of Her Husband Wheatley, Phillis
87 Remembrance Angelou, Maya
88 WHO ? Walker, Alice
89 Morning Laurence Dunbar, Paul
90 U R Ripping Us Apart! Shakur, Tupac
91 Merry-Go-Round Hughes, Langston
92 Listen Lord: A Prayer Johnson, James Weldon
93 sisters Clifton, Lucille
94 THEY WHO FEEL DEATH Walker, Alice
95 Daybreak In Alabama Hughes, Langston
96 A Sunset of the City Brooks, Gwendolyn
97 In The Event Of My Demise Shakur, Tupac
98 Civilian and Soldier Soyinka, Wole
99 The Blues Hughes, Langston
100 A CHOICE Laurence Dunbar, Paul