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Change is hard for everyone,
But attitude helps you overcome 

The hesitation to try something new,
Because of a positive  “can do”

Erases the doubt,
And gives you clout

To accept a new challenge,
Perhaps learn a new talent

Or change with the times,
Leaving the past just to remind

You of where you have been,
And saw the need to begin again

Hard at first after so much routine,
But accepting helps more than it seems

For you may not like this change,
But really, it’s for the best long range

Because life moves faster than we like,
Fueled by others with such insight 

Of programs,
And applications 

Inspirations of creativity,
It’s hard to keep up with the delivery 

Of so many changes,
That all of us faces

Each day trying to blend,
Because change will never end

And so we survive,
By not questioning why

Changing instead,
Knowing there is better ahead

Copyright © christopher rowland