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Pilgrims trekking

A tiny hamlet tucked away midst the mountains of New Hampshire
   A chill in the air; frost on the windowpane, icicle-framed
A fresh snow blanketing the ground; the silence of the holiday broken
   by the pealing of the late-afternoon bells atop the village church 

Stores shuttered, roads empty, save the occasional out-of-towner
   Pilgrims trekking through snowdrifts, puffs of breath suspended in the air
Hearty greetings ringing out, piercing the quiescence, warming the soul 
   Lights switched on house by house, lamps pointing the way to Prayer

Three hundred people now gathered together in the village Church
   Some neighbors, others friends; some acquaintances, few strangers
Three hundred people, on that Thursday in late November, united in gratitude
   for all the blessings of the day, the Holiday, Thanksgiving Day, 1971

I too was there that day, proud to call those Pilgrims my brothers, my sisters
   Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men -- from a tiny New Hampshire glen. Amen.

Copyright © Gershon Wolf