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Poem Before A Midnight Touch


I am in a short deep sleep
Before you wake me. 
I am in my shivering silence
Before I feel your gentle touch in my tan skin. 
You that because I am in my bareness.
You're afraid to mosquitoes and the cold. 
But before that this morning, you nag me. 
You throw me teaspoon and fork on my back
Without saying a word, 
You do that.
Your face furnished with anger. 
This afternoon, you don't cook my favorite dish.
In my state, I was confused. 
I keep on thinking why. 
I question you why this is so?
You run and get inside the room and cry. 
Yes, you're angry with me. 
But I don't know the reason why. 
I leave the house and breath air in the open field. 
Until dusk, I went back.
There you are standing, staring into the horizon. 
I know now what you're thinking. 
You're thinking of love. 
I know now, yes!
But wait, did you visit the comfort room? 
Not yet. Then, you go there. 
You came back laughing with tears. 
You know why? 
Today, is our anniversary. The time you accepted
My love. At the CR. 
There, in that place hung the statement, 
"Happy 10th Anniversary".
Why I did that so, because I want you to remind 
That in that place I was imprisoned by your love. 
Then you embrace to me. We laugh. 
Then we ended in bed. 
At eight o'clock, the cake deliverer came. 
You laugh again with joy. 
You slice the cake, while I sing our favorite song, 
"Perhaps Love". We dance and sing, 
We eat and drink. 
Until we drunk and retired to bed. 
Midnight, you wake me, with that French kiss
Saying, "I love you, you' re great!". 
You make an Adam. As I say in return. 
"You mean more to me, than words can ever say". 
The night is very long. 
Those were the minutes 
Of contrarian moments. 
Those were the seconds 
Of thrilling event written, 
When our hearts desire
And our youthful seems to fade. 
In vagueness of the night, we mean recall, 
Love is there, and we won. 

Copyright © Hugo Sarvida