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Wearing Crocs to office

Son wore fuzzy socks and crocs
Loved them for the comfort they gave
He would often say my shoe rocks
When torn new one he would crave

This went on even in teenage
Went to college wearing them
Never bothered like a sage
When teased a song he would hum

Wore them on the day of interview
Not bothering about what others say
Much attention it drew
Interviewer noticed I must say

They found it very funny
Dress properly! If you wear it
you'll never earn money
He said I don't care a bit

Comfort is my only aim
It is ok if you go by shoes
I find your excuse lame
To obey I flatly refuse

He got the job that day
He did what he felt is right
Live comfortably every day
With copycats don't fight

For fuzzy socks and crocs,Francine Roberts

Copyright © Rama Balasubramanian