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Sad dick the Cu mpan

Vajauntakin vadunvadunkeynadin. Ovadin Sevadorainkadun. Impadun. Sad dick the undesirable kinkyhan afraid of the klu klux pan. I the slaughter the lamb the phobia is in every the one You me and all enjoy splashing on the meaty things the lamb, the cow, the bull Lets all admit we the sad dicks in the world suffer more the diabetic than you the western bunch We all looking for down the bad God for saying no doee When I sit with you all I feel the power of health whitey skin wrapped around the brown sausagey You me and whitey the btchi , I hope she no swing at me for using the useless y I know of all this is lamb the phobia thing I open the back door and teach you a thing or two Cum in your porky eyes you piggy .. mutton choppy thing. Today Gov refuse this how can this happen. you filthy kafir I the toad of paglastan here to bless you all with “this” in your pakora Yes the pakora … haven’t you had enough more the oil for you kind of thing I come from afar rejoicing that I get all the paglastan of londoney to votey for mea Yes hot the spot for no local the strip jointa , put all you westernised back on boat to paglastan. Well-built country with sewage pipe where we all eat . I know who’s ty I eat, well numbered .. you shtter. I the baldy toad of paglastan hoping to vin again.

Copyright © Tahira Parveen