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11 o'clock at night. Everyone is 
In bed. Molly was in the adjoining 
Room with the seven and 
Desharah. Damian was awake
 and Planning. Dominant 
Damian was deeply devious 
in his domain. In bed with 
Dolly he put his hand on her
 fleshly hip and gently shook 
her calling her name, "Delilah, 
Delilah babe, wake my Doll." He 
began caressing her buttocks.
 Delilah started waking up. 
Her eyelids began to open,
 fluttering. She groaned and 
Damian continued
On his hunger  quest. He 
Caressed her more. "Delilah." 
Babe." She was fully awake.
At this point she turned to face
Him throwing the sheet
Off Revealing her lingerie Clad
Dainty, delicious delicate body.
She turned on her side To 
face him.
He said, "ooh, Dolly baby Delilah 
Girl you make me crazy."
He pulled a piece of lace of the
Lingerie. he ripped it, that
Was the breast part. She said 
"Damian this is my favorite."
He said, "it was mine too."  She
Let a deep sigh escape her lips.
So Damian took a deep breath 
And licked his lips. He Gazed
So deeply into her and Said
"Come here." Grabbing her 
Waist. He moved on her. She 
Put her Hand on his arm. And
Said, "Do your business Boss
He bathed her with his Massive 
Macho Masculinity. He kissed
Her delicately on lips then her
Beast. Throwing the rest of the
Lingerie to the Carpeted floor.
Sucking at her breast then 
Bitting her neck. And she bit him 
In response. He looked at her
Saying. "Oooh."  He exploded 
Bitting and licking and sucking.
 she screamed, he penetrated 
Her as gently as he could. He then
Covered her entirely with his 
310lbs of muscle he relaxed on
Top of her smiling. He reached 
Down and rubbed her breast.
She moaned. She couldn't move.
After a few minutes he rolled 
Off of her letting her take a deep
Breath. She kissed his mouth.
Caressing his chest. "You're so
Soo... much. Your good, Damian 
And you know it." Damian said 
"Stop all that or I'll be coming 
Back in a tittle while."  Delilah 
Pouted, "why, 'in a Little while?'
Why not, right now?" Damian 
Flaired. "Delilah!  Delilah was
Flaming they were both hot and
Ready again. He pounced. He
Was on top of her and they
Made carnivorous love kissing
And bitting. "Aaiiy" Dolly 
Screamed. Damian had a
Gleaming smile as he claimed 
Her again.  And again into the
Midnight hour finally embracing  
Her so tight until he took
her breath. She recovered, and
Beamed with knowing eyes 
Saying, "Baby your the best, 
Nobody better. You bother me
So good."  But Damian was an
Animal. He grabbed her by her
Throat. He let go and squeezed
Her waist. He chuckled 
Delilah you will let me get some
Rest." He bit her neck and 
Caressed her belly." He said
"Lay with me." He pulled her 
Delicious body onto his 
Massiveness and they slept.

Copyright © VAL Brooklyn Rogers BLK PANTHER