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Rip Great grand ma KAT

We should devote our time to love 
The love that brought us here to show you gratitude 
Your consistent Happiness and patience are added to our memory of our days when we have bottled feelings 

Knell for healing 
It’s No way to release those feelings , but to pray to god 
Faith from god shows us you have a special place with god 
Smiling doesn’t take much time 

Just remembering your love is better than the morning sun 

And when the sun set I know you are traveling to a better place 

Grandma shine for me in my darkest times
You are my northern star
You are the tree of the family
 your roots are fine 

We lose our minds trying to control life 
While god tells us 
time after time that we will be alright 

your flight is headed to heaven peacefully 
That is what respectfully speaks to me
I know it’s a plane for great mothers who provide for families with meals and then a cake that’s baked with so much soul

It’s hurts to let you go 
But I know who is in control 
Father God you have our mom in your arms 
She is strong , the queen kat 
It seems that we are learning to smile because of you 

With love and as a child that ask for to much 
I just want to say thank you for providing your forever embracing  love

Copyright © Keorie McMillan