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I Praise Thee

I hail Thee
For the life you give me
I hail Thee
For the love you shower me
I hail Thee for the message you send me
I thank you
For the strength I need.
Each day
I am able and fit.
Robust in my life
Gentle in my knife.
I am pleased
As I adore Thee.
I am meek before Thee.
I am only strong
When Thee hears me.
I am full
When Thee feeds in me.
My eyes cannot see
Without Thee beside me.
My ears cannot hear
Without the trumpets of Thee.
My body ails
When comfort is not from Thee.
Words from Thee
Will keep me strong and free.
If I should stumble
Where can I seek Thee?
Missing Thy throne
My weakest vein aches Thee.
For Thy throne
I will be sturdy with glee.
Where can I find bread
Without flour to knead?
Or salt for my palate
When there's no grain to pate?
I walk by feet
Without sandals to fit.
I can work with both feet
On grapefruits to peet.
I can do all these for Thee.
From Thee I am forever strong.
In every morning
I pray to Thee.
At nightfall I kneel
And praise Thee.
All of these I offer to Thee
A humble believer, in me.
I belong to a family
A family from Thee.
Family like a tree
That roots from a fig tree.
A fig tree blossoms
 from the inside.
A faith springs out
  in the outside.
The smell of an oil
 rushing in the riverside.
The sunshine of Thy light
  is a shade of sight.
Shade of man to go on,
Cape of man to move on.
Any man who worships Thee
  never walks small or worn.
Crushed and burnt
 a soul can be torn.
But no one under Thee
  will mourn.
In every journey
A man may walk alone
But in body and spirit
Strength comes along.
I praise Thee
For standing by my side.
Giving me hope I need
In Thy shoulders I ride.
I praise Thee
For my strengths
With hope and prayer
I go a thousand lengths.
I know not everything
  what life may bring,
By Thee I am consoled and sings,
Singing the praises I keep
In my heart I breathe deep.
My praises may not be enough
To Thee I ask pardon if it's rough.
I am alone in the wind
I call Thee to hear my plea.
I am saddened by the wind.
I call Thee to reside in me.
In Thy name I praise Thee!
I am but a follower of Thee
A humble being that praises.
From my heart I thank Thy graces.
I appeal to one and all,
Be grateful to Thee.
Rich or poor,
You will be blessed. 
Do not worry about tomorrow
For Thee will not provide sorrow.
Ask and you shall receive,
Knock and the door will open.
I will count my blessings each day
As each day is always a new day...
Day of you and me for Thee
Day for you and me with Thee!
I praise Thee!

Copyright © Clifford Villalon