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She can be at home in the humblest of abodes. A calming of the storm. Her sincerity conveyed in a glance, in a hug. A comforter. A soothing of pain. Though she doesn't possess the ability to remove all ills, all stress, she certainly has her influence when it comes to happiness! She is central to charity, to positive wellbeing. So many facets complete her form. Care... Empathy... Love... ~~~ Wrapped like a present Decorated in sequins Sparkles of kindness ~~~ Her superpower is her flexibility. She arises for any need. She is cooperative, supportive, a key volunteer in life. Though unpaid she gives her all. She's a gift. She's a treasure to all! But she relies on the people we are. We each have the power to give... ~~~ LOVE is the present Decorated in kindness Shown by our actions.
Haibun Poetry Contest - Kindness 4th August 2021

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