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Relationships VII

Love is a beautiful thing. Love is believed to be the most powerful emotion in human beings and many of us still have no idea what love truly is. The word love has been given wrong meanings, abused and used to define wrong impressions. This is one of the reasons why people do not know when they are truly in love or when they are just having a slight emotional fling.
It is really confusing sometimes, and many times pleasure and obsession are made to produce love when it is supposed to be the other way around. Now people just say ‘I love you’ for the simple sake of giving an impression that is pointing in that direction.
Love can be hard to understand because it does not exist in one thing. Love can be felt towards parents, siblings, pets, friends or even objects, but the greatest thing about love that it serves as a commitment and this is one way which we can know that we are in love.
Love is also unconditional and does not change. This means that one’s feelings of love are not shaken by circumstances and whatever happens, you do not end up with second thoughts of giving up or question your feelings.

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