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A Catechism Commentary

Ashes to dust
If you must 
You will only end up in a bust 
You see you proclaimed yourself as a King 
In a place where they did not want to hear such a thing 
Defending from armies they did have
And you were perceived as being bad 
Parading through the town 
With under a week before things went down 
You were the town favorite 
And today you are remembered as a wafer
Strutting through the streets 
Preaching a profession that you teach  
They had it with you 
Challenging them during a time when trouble brew 
Showing power like a flower 
Your faith was constantly under attack 
Since it was based on invisible ideas of spirituality not scientific fact 
It was their decision 
To send you to prison 
Using the masses as judge and jury 
You looked not too much worry 
After they gave you a thorny crown 
You would be nailed to the cross tied up and bound 
When there was a clasp of thunder 
A few were left to wonder 
You left on a business trip to discuss things down under 
This was the best way to free the sinner 
By having a talk with the rebel angel that in the book of Genesis was not the winner  
Upon your return 
Your friends were concern 
So you told him how to resolve this human jam  
Since it was Father’s pride and joy that is called man
It took under a hundred years 
To bring the Romans to tears 
When something from below 
Put on a devilish show 
That turned a Roman vacation spot 
Really hot 
With ash flying like snow 
Made the Romans think hard about what they actually know 
I sit here in my half of a barn 
Using a poetic style to yarn 
A prince they say that I am 
Trying to understand the almighty’s plan 
Despite having four legs 
I have the power not to beg 
And a walk like an animal that some call a beast 
But in true reality I am at peace 
I am also not confused 
And I have faith in the one who the Apostles called their muse 
Once again we will celebrate lent 
With not much resent 
Showing an image of pride 
Quietly letting our enemies know that we live with honesty inside 

Copyright © Marc O'Brien