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Recalling Traipsing Thru Valley Forge National Park Under Full Moon

Lunar radiance this small hour
June fifteenth thousand and nineteen
(very early morning errand
to fuel 2009 Hyundai Sonata)
at Zieglerville, Pennsylvania Wawa
found gaze tugged toward

infinite celestial vault
luminous neon phosphorescent
quintessentially, punctually, outlandishly...
radiating, scintillating, treasuring
untold vast wonderment
since time immemorial

tremendous headlong rush
remembrance many moons ago
guiding yours truly
along beribboned multi use path
said bright discobolus lunar object
casting rooted silhouettes

courtesy Gaia illuminating
terrestrial dark shadows
ambling, gallivanting, traversing...
long ago trod terrain,
where George Washington headquartered
particularly during severe

winter of 1777-1778
encamped with restless
weary Revolutionary soldiers
subjected against
punishing great travail
for the American army

cursing, inditing nonchalant
mother nature regarding trial
stronger words than
"shivering me timbers"
within crudely built huts
quite inviting to this Earthling

refreshing to slumber
those brisk summer forays
me totally oblivious
versus endangerment
to mine welfare,
quite the contrary
relishing feeling protected

cocooned because absence
of madding throngs, viz
crowd sourced tourists
safe and sound within
respective hearth and home
solitariness analogous to

return of native son
imagining journeying far and wide
sensing rustling patriots ghosts
catching sight, yet unseen

screened by dense foliage
bedraggled troops ghosts
glimpsed while entering...
the twilight zone.

Copyright © matthew harris