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Let Me Live

I write a Poetry of her,
I when first met her
She tried to show happiness
Still, her happiness was in darkness.

Her Heart was sobbing without any tear,
Had many problems to bear.
She was looking so wild,
They were trying to kill her unborn child.

Child was crying in her Mother's womb
Please Mommy, don't let them hurt me.
I will do my every best to be good,
I just want a chance to enjoy my childhood.

I am floating and feeling so warm,
God had made my Soul so charm.
Soon I will get my own fingers and toes,
Be someone special in yours.

Oh Mommy please, just give me a chance,
I want to be able to call you "Mom".
Don't let me down because of Dad,
I will cheer you up when you are sad.

You can carry or throw away,
I have no choice today.
You choose mom,
Do I live or sleep calm?

Which field we have destroyed
That we are not granted
To enter in the greenery of this world?
Are we sinners?

I am in dark dilemma,
Is this world made by God?
There is no idea about the world made by God
But, I know the world that had made the God.

Copyright © Vivek Verma