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Christmas Alone

This morning, mid-December sun
 glowed brightly and briefly spun
 as the winds blow in, wild, restless, free,
and off in the distance lingered scenes
 filled by all of yesterday's rain and grays
 that clouded the sky into darkening doldrums at bay.

This season of winter storms along the plains
 drips chill with hard and icy cold rain
 where sun glow once glistened on the snow
but still and quiet, the holidays creep in
 and one more year, I find all my misgivings
 while I decorate the tree alone in this living.

The memories are full of joy and delight
 no matter how dark or sad the night
 and the glow of lights upon the Christmas tree
in between the wrappings and packaging
  waft the scent of cookies cinnamon and spice
  and all of Christmasses celebrated this night.

Copyright © DM Babbit