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As puzzling as it may seem, Here in this life There are hopes that scream Beyond the strife, Through the darkness, a theme Joy larger-than-life Puzzling like real life riddles Pouring out pieces Heart blazing, fiddles With light that releases Brilliant dreams, middles Doubt and worry decreases Memories puzzling the present, Freeing the grace Passionate promises, so pleasant A humble embrace Shedding the past, it will prevent The heart’s disgrace Life is like a flower Beautiful yet fleeting Always it is in God’s power Love is completing Nothing on earth can devour The wonders are repeating Even the most puzzling clouds Bring abundant love Silencing the violent crowds It will always come from above Remember that all His shrouds Were laid aside, truelove… Puzzling the heart, but making a way For our souls to know, to pray For paradise – light, life that won’t delay In quieting fear with a hope that won’t decay Puzzling as it feels to me… Because He lives – I am saved He heard my ardent plea… By grace – my penalty is waived Writing Challenge - 'P' Words - Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Constance La France Word Chosen: 5. puzzling March 28, 2023

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