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Raindrop Rhapsody

As the sky weeps 
in periwinkle petals of 
multicolored roses,
rinsed in lemons, and lavender,
the poet within me 
releases a bougainvillea 
bouquet of unfiltered gratitude, 
swaying to the celestial duet
orchestrated by 
the angel of raindrops,
adorned in braided 
wildflower crowns and
windswept wishes,
echoing dulcet melodies 
rendered in whimsical accents.

I ponder, if tears had a tune,
would it be the 
sound of drizzling dewdrops?
Would you then feel
the pain I carry,
veiled in smoky silence? 
Or would I forever be
the silhouette cloaked
in fogs of charcoal confusion,
too dark to be deciphered
by the fragmented eyes 
that eulogize 
all that sparkles and glows?

But when stained sunflowers
swirl beneath starless spheres,
scattering seeds of sorrow
to cultivate a garland of grief, 
puddled with poignant poems,
I remain throned,
as the goddess of black rain,
riddled with cosmic rituals,
sprinkling kaleidoscopic dust
upon forsaken fields,
while listening to the 
drifting leaflets in crisp air,
pleading for the demise 
of my unfaltering faith,
oblivious to the truth
that I fear not 
mists of melancholy.
I surf through surging seas,
unafraid of twirling torrents 
and blazing tides, 
piercingly striking 
shimmering sapphires 
floating in deafening despair.
There in the abyss of obscurities,
I’m nestled within restlessness,
in rooted resilience,
like a perplexed paradox
weaving crippled odes to 
the sun that longs to rise and sail,
splashing hues of cinnamon clemency.

Tonight, I’m counting crooning comets,
amidst quivering hailstones,
dancing in cataclysmic rhythm above,
to find my home within
an island of daphne dreams 
and singing seashells. 
For I hear the flaming flowers  
in their solitary stillness
serenade rain rhapsodies,
to awaken the petrichor 
soul of heavy horizons,
wrapped in stringed 
milky-quartz beads,
bursting forth blooming tomorrows,
illuminated by chamomile water,
concocted from charismatic spring falls… 

  Yet I think of us, engrossed 
in umbrella moments,
 Cupid too envied this
 symphony of romance 
 where love conquered all, 
  and grief but a blurred memory,
in sunlit souvenirs of yesterday. 

Copyright © Ink Empress


Book: Shattered Sighs