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Before I die,
I wish to see a world,
Where no one has to fight to be equal,
Where someone’s gender and colour doesn’t matter,
Where you can love who ever you want.
I wish for everyone to be accepted,
Where you can be who you want to be,
Where people are not so self centred,
Where people care and put others before themselves. 
I wish for a world where I can love who I want,
Where people don’t have dont gave to be scared 
Of being what they want to be. 
I wish to see a world with less hate and more love,
More acceptance,
Less war,
More people helping each other,
Less begging,
And more charity.

Before I die I wish to see a world with more love, 
Where you can be who or what you want,
Where your gender or race doesn’t matter,
Where men don’t control women’s bodies,
Where racial discrimination doesn’t exist,
Where people care about each other,
Where people help each other,
Where there is no war,
Where there is finally peace. 

Copyright © Cheyenne Callan