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She Was Hot Fiery and Fantastic

My 442 Oldsmobile was the hottest car around
No sexier red thing besides lipstick could be found.
When you pressed on the medal, that baby flew down the road.
When you were inside her, you were no longer a toad.

She had pizzazz and jazz, she was sleek and fine.
Red hot with thick black stripes on her hood, all in a line.
She was the utmost, the best, the prettiest ride in town.
This gorgeous Oldsmobile matched everybody's gown.

She was hot, she was fiery, she was fantastic, she was sick.
She was the best thing since beef and noodles, pleasant and quick.
When she took a hill, she showed you her fantastic traction.
When I drove my 442, I had immense satisfaction!

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger