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Knee Grow Love

Held to Her chest, silly noises and funny faces made you happy

Gripped in His hand, temper tantrums and meltdowns reared your independence

Your fatigue and fussiness paints with such an unconscionable art-ness

All the while We were growing yet teaching you affinity

Moon tide you yearned for Us, in your crib-beating, in the beautiful blackness
We adored you and said “don’t be afraid of this divine darkness”

As a youth you distanced from Us, lashed back and always wrong-Us; and right-you

Til moving out into the world, aspired zeal and faithfulness surfaced your moral

Your Intellect and passion transfigured your heart into a bestowing windfall

We pieced together a perfect match yet only expected effort from you

Effectuating your beat, rhythm and fervor thru the sable noteworthy nightfall
Jones in your bones made you fonder of Black Love’s vulnerable call

Copyright © Avian Hughes