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Cold September Day

The Scales of Justice didn't tip my way,
I figure from the dues I've had to pay.
While thumbing down to Shaky Town 
I thought I turn my luck around, 
At a drugstore in Salinas on a warm September day.

Wheel of Fortune, rolled out the door 
With the owner tied and ordered to the floor.
As from the till the larger bills 
I grabbed until my pockets filled,
A gunshot woke the morning on that warm September day.

My Guardian Angel flew out of town 
As my body wretch’d and tumbled to the ground.
There close to death I came to rest, 
A sheriff's bullet in my chest. 
My ticket back to prison on that warm September Day.

Never caught a glimpse of Lady Luck.
But that ain't going to make me pass the buck.
After 3 to 10 in Folsom pen 
And wondering where my life has been, 
I walked out in the sunlight on a warm September day. 

Horn of Plenty wouldn’t blow my song, 
But somehow through these years I’ve got a long. 
While never holding nothing more than 
Inside straights and hotel doors, 
I'll sit out while you dance with life this warm September day. 

Copyright © Ken Rone