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Spring Hopes, Eternal

After winter's cold drought
Before the summer's bright
Comes the weeks of waking
Diminished shades of night
Each new dew-drop sunrise
Finds lengthening, the light

Greens begin their creep
Hallowed - life's rebound
In this rouse from sleep
Jutting thru cold ground
Kissed and petal-crowned

Life finds its way
May bursts alive
Now the new day
Opens to thrive

Priceless this
Quiet change
Renewed bliss

Spring comes
Then cheers ...


Written and submitted on April 16, 2019
For the "Diminished Hexaverse Contest About Spring" Poetry Contest
Caren Krutsinger, Judge & Sponsor.

(Syllables counted at

* This is a Diminished Hexaverse ... I decided to do it in ABC and Rhyme as well. *

Copyright © Gregory R Barden