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Poetry Anthologies | Information and Submission Guidelines


Submission Deadline: Friday, October 22, 2021
Submission Change Deadline: Friday, October 22, 2021

Anthology Points to Keep In Mind

  • Submission is free
  • There is no financial compensation for inclusion in this poetry anthology.
  • Submission is not a guarantee of acceptance. 
  • Premium Members may submit up to 3 poems, and non-paying members may submit 1 poem. 

Submission Guidelines

  • Poems must be posted on and in English. We do not accept poems via email or postal service.
  • You must be the author of the poem, and you must sign an online release form allowing us to publish the poem.
  • Previously published works are allowed. However, the author must hold rights and/or be responsible for reprint permissions and/or fees. A citation to the original publication must be provided.
  • Poems must be 50 lines or less. We are focusing on shorter poems this time. You can view your poem line count on the edit poem page.
  • Translated works of other authors are NOT acceptable.
  • Poems must be in the correct poetic form.
  • You may submit 1 poem for consideration. Premium Members may submit 3 poems.
  • There is no theme with this first publication. 
  • If accepted, you still own the rights to your poem and can publish it elsewhere. 

Since this will be a fairly large publication, we cannot provide free copies to poets included in the anthology. We will be able to do that in the future with smaller publications. 

How to Submit a Poem for Consideration 

  1. Sign Up for the PoetrySoup account (we do not accept submissions via email or the postal service)
  2. Post a poem on the PoetrySoup website using the Submit Poems page.
  3. After you've posted the poem, go to the My Poems page.
  4. From the My Poems page, edit the poem you want to submit to the anthology by clicking the edit link next to the poem you want to submit.
  5. On the edit poem page, Click the Submit to Anthology link/button to submit a poem for consideration to the anthology.
  6. Follow the instructions on the Submit to Anthology page.
  7. That's it. We will let you know if your poem has been accepted for inclusion in PoetrySoup's next anthology.

Our Previous Anthology

Poety Anthology

PS: It's Poetry is a brilliant collection of poetic works written by various poets from all over the world. By reading these diverse works, the authors hope people will become more understanding, compassionate, and empathetic towards all people.

What is a Poetry Anthology?

In the publishing industry, an anthology is a collection of literary works. A poetry anthology, therefore, refers to a collection of poems, in most cases ranging from 30 to 100 different pieces. These poems can either be written by one or several authors. And other than sharing the same literary form, the theme can always differ.

Benefits of Poetry Anthology

The unique thing about poetry anthologies is that they benefit everyone. This includes the authors of the poem, the editorial team, and the readers. Let us brush through the benefits poems offer all these individuals.

For the Author;

  • Their work gets to be published and this gives a sense of achievement.
  • It grants credibility.
  • Showcases an author's skill and talent.
  • Introduces one to a community of fellow like-minded individuals.
  • An opportunity for one to soar higher in their writing career.
  • Authors get to speak their minds to the world.

For the Editorial Team;

  • The editors gain recognition for their great work.
  • They can bring together a pool of talented individuals for future projects.
  • By critiquing different poems, the editorial team boosts its skills.
  • Working with gifted poets is in one way an honor.

For Readers;

  • Inspiration on different aspects of life.
  • They can also learn about new authors and proceed to look for more of their works.
  • Learn and get educated on different themes.
  • The act of buying these books is a sign of gratitude.
  • In some cases, the proceeds of anthologies go to charity. Making this an act of kindness done to the world.

Having gone through the many benefits poetry anthologies offer to the community, let us look at some of the most well-known poetry books.

Examples of Famous Poetry Anthologies

Compiling a poetry anthology isn't easy. It's surprising how little recognition is awarded to editors for putting together different pieces. With that being said, if you are struggling to find the best poem book, here are examples of famous poetry anthologies worth checking out.

1. Poems that Make Grown Men Cry Compiled by Anthony and Ben Holden – The works of a father and son team, this anthology explores contributions by tens of successful men all coming from industries such as art, entertainment, and the media amongst others.

2. Staying Alive Edited by Neil Astley - If there is a poetry book out there that ventures into these unreal times is the Staying alive anthology. Featuring poems related to breakup, loss, love, and pain, this is the perfect book for anyone who wants to feel human.

3. A Poem for Every Day of the Year Edited by Allie Esiri – A poetry book compiled for everyone. Get it for your family and watch your kids learn about the different events in the calendar. Popular poets featured in this anthology include Longfellow, Stevenson, and Hardy.

4. Too Bright to See from Graywolf Press – These timeless poems by Linda Gregg are devoted to family, romance, love, travel, and a bunch of other aspects that we engage in on a daily basis.

5. Hybrida: Poems by Tina Change – If you prefer to read poems about love that are intertwined with fear, then Tina Chang's poetry anthology will have you up all night long. These poems explore the ferocity of raising mixed-race children.

These are just but some of the most popular poetry anthologies of all time. With time, you will come to realize the talents of one or two of these authors and that's how one builds a list of favorite poets.

What Makes a Poem Good?

When it comes to poetry, there is no conventional way of doing things. It's an art that is defined by an author's level of creativity and imagination. If you're considering writing a poem, here are key guidelines that you need to follow.

A good poem;

  • Must have rhythm
  • The words should be chosen and used wisely
  • Ought to have images vividly describing actions
  • Should lay out as many details as possible
  • Needs to focus on engaging the imagination of readers

Where Can I Find Free Poetry Anthologies to Read is a great resource of free ebook poetry anthologies by various authors and on a multitude of poetic subjects.

The Bottom Line

Poetry is a very unique form of art. It speaks differently and this is why you may have to go through dozens of poems before you can find one that pleases you. Having fully understood what poetry anthologies are and their benefits, feel free to gain inspiration from the above popular poetry books. And if you want to become a great poet, read as many poetry books as you can.

PoetrySoup Poetry Anthologies

PoetrySoup has published its first poetry anthology. We have been hesitant to produce an anthology, but you Soupers encouraged us to do it. Thanks for the encouragement. Congrats to those who had poems selected.

The book contains two tables of contents (TOC). One TOC by poem title and another by author name. The TOCs are at the back of the anthology. Gift a copy to a friend or family member. 

Where Can the Book be Purchased

If you are having trouble finding an Amazon site that ships to your country, try the sites below that sell the anthology.

Poety Anthology
PS: It's Poetry is a brilliant collection of poetic works written by various poets from all over the world. By reading these diverse works, the authors hope people will become more understanding, compassionate, and empathetic towards all people.