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Capibrible exspanions

"The deficit model
as some would say is made to cheapen the value of something
that is of value to the mark who wants it.
the functional comparative, sounds of
want thru the eyes of those who
have made it valuable.
theories of expansion to accelerate the need of those who
have create the want.
Power in technology, the power of dealing
with people to create something they only think they want,
they'll gave up some of their needs to sacrifice for the new thing.
then when the new thing is the oleo thing
they'll create an interest to sell
their thing the same way they bought, the think.
Innovations in science and technology, appreciated from the need of wanting.
this serves as a powerful reminder: that we are ever so close to
the Scientific Revolution."

They quoted him and I listened, They never knew that I was one of thousands that hated them for creating the thing.
This thing that made people wish they were more than their capiblities, and lesser than what they really were. One who used the thing, said I was dull and unendoring, just because I refused to
buy into the fads of now, instead of waiting until my honest income could afford this thing. I than was looked upon as "not with it" and unrelavant in my own doings, as to not being caught-up in the fads of now, I rather have studied the thing, to see how I could incorporate it into my life. rather than have my life revole around something that will be said to be outdated in a matter of three or four years.

Copyright © Allan Terry