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Alova ... 
she’s the leaven princess 
of oven bosom tear oppression

Her violet Persian neutering rug
has the sterile stench of
cougar mating feral aggression

It’s her purple passion
to Farsi emasculate with femme fatale hate
She’s a hardcase lover in a hardcore way

Alova is the Iron Mistress of Mellat Park,
a long dungeon drop from Brewster Bay

Alova she loves
scratching post, bent-knee coin proposals
Put her claws into the prenuptial loopholes,
and her lethal legal clause
always grab hold 
of the moneyed beau mice — 
Never letting go

At least, not until the cash settled divorce 
is divided asset final:  Platinum blonde mink coat credit portfolio
Golden parachute, silver safety net   ~   Diamond and pearls ruby eject


is the self-flagellated chant of the Shushun purse palace sad
Alova is at her panther pouncing best at being sensuously bad 

Alova ... 
she’s the lynx queen of a cuckold, cheetah harem
The docile male lying pride
do as their told, with no nay say

Alova loves estrogen marking her eye bow territory
with an icy pleasure pheromone cold spray:

{Alova’s leather-tip tongue
make the powerful egos fetal prone beg
in every dog collar way}


how you treat me so bad,
is the “you’re no-goody” domineering chant 
she loves to make ear kneel 
every stiletto heel day

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr.