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Pay Heed

Morse code in my ear…that click-clicking-ticking deep down in my canal, even after I cleaned out my ears; it started after my Mother passed. It never seems to stop for very long. One day, I looked up the long and short clicks…my Lord! It was a message that actually made sense. Translated from Morse, it said; “Mamma, Harry, We watch over you; love you; watch…message; Harry.” Harry was my Mom’s only living brother, his daughter went across after that, in only a few weeks and after gamma surgery for a tumor, co-incidence? Now, years later I hear more frantic click-clicks; I must make note of as many as I can. So frantic are they. Strange things do occur, Natural phenomenon, Often unexplained. Mysteries unveiled; Bringing changes to this world; All life gets warnings.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser