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I saw her as we were driving…she was rusty, dented…out of place
But even with weeds growing all around her I saw pride upon her face.

I wondered how she ended up here…what paths…what roads she took…
so we turned off of the highway to have a closer look.

The years had altered her appearance still I couldn’t help but stare
because even though a little weathered…there was still much beauty there.

Where have you been old girl I wondered as I gave her hood a feel.
What kind of adventures have you had?
Who once sat behind your wheel?

Perhaps you were some young boy or girl’s first car…when they were but a teen.
Oh, the fun you must have had…Oh, the places you have seen.

Perhaps you took a couple on their first date…in the winter cold or summer heat…
Perhaps they fell in love right here as they sat upon your seat.

I wonder did you drive them to their wedding?
Was it a beautiful day in May?
Were you cleaned and polished and shiny?
Did they decorate you that day?

Did you drive them to the hospital…ignoring stop lights in the early morn
the days they needed you most…the days their babies were all born.

Did their children play upon your seats?
On long trips did they sleep upon your seams?
Did you ever see them gazing out your windows and wonder what they dream?

Of course she did not answer me…but after helping her reminisce a while
I’m pretty sure as we walked away 
when I turned back…
she smiled.

Copyright © Jim Yerman