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I Remember It So Well

It was the 14th day of the 4th month 
In the 20th year of the 21st-Century
The Common Era.
I remember it so well!
Not because it was the hundredth plus five, 
Of what appeared to be the hoped-for, 
In what should be the worst calendar,
To any peoples' year.
But only because it was the first time,
I tore down on what ought to have been,
My happiest day
It was the beginning of a new phase.
The first page of the 26th chapter
Of the book, that was my life
And the last paragraph on that page,
Had to be the realization that things
Could turn to what no one wanted_worst!
Maybe I was wrong to not kneel.
But I prayed so hard in my heart,
For Him to hear us
Because in the shortest time
A lot had been claimed of us.
And I became a witness of people
Who began to lose faith in each other!
Folks who given time and a choice
Started giving up the self to the unknown.
It was the first day of another year in mine life
And it was the day that spelled doom!
I hated it.
But I wished for a conviction, 
One that made me trust, in my prayer
For all to be well,
To wake up to a world 
Where we were all sure of tomorrow, as today, 
Everyone and everything was healed
The universe and its bearings emerged stronger 
In spirit and form,
In body and bond,
Together as one,
With self and others

Copyright © Muthoni Kabogo