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When our heart is filled with sorrow and all we see is night
We begin to wonder…to question…if we’ll ever see the light.

If this dark cloud of sadness that surrounds us…will ever fade away.
If there will ever be a time we once again we’ll gaze upon the day.

Then somewhere in our darkness we behold a wondrous sight
as the light of one star…begins to shimmer in the night.

Before we know it another friend…another star has gleamed
and we realize, though it’s still dark, it’s not as dark as it first seemed.

Soon we notice our night is filled with stars
and we appreciate what the light of friendship can do
because without us ever noticing…
our star is shining too.

And though we understand there will forever be a darkness
accompanying what we say 
and what we do…
we also know there is enough light remaining
that will help to see us through…

Copyright © Jim Yerman