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Identical Twin Sisters

Two identical twin sisters, Mary and Sue
  Wiggled their way to maturity
     As twin sisters often do

Passed notes in K-5, then their
  Grades took a dive, in high school
    Which they slept through
      More dead than alive

So to community college they went
  Part of a big tent of immigrants
    Flunk-outs and folks who rent

There they shaped up, earning all A's
  Entered the 'Big U' at the end of the day
    Where all their friends were bi, trans or gay

But they managed their courses to pass
  And swish-boom-bang-fast
    They got married and each had two kids  

When as so often happens to sister twins
  They wondered with silly grins
     "What kind of pickle have we put ourselves in?"

We really aren't happy, and our hubbies are sappy
   Our kids wear us out, all their pissing, so crappy
      We don't even know if we're straight or we're gay

"We'd better start over," 
   That's what they said
      So that's what they did
        Passing notes to each other
          As sister twins identical often do
                ~ Oh, brother!

Copyright © Gershon Wolf