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Most Poems Posted Recently | Top 100 Poets

These are top 100 poets that have submitted the most poems within the past two weeks. Updated every 24 hours.

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RankPM PoetCountry# Poems
1 Premium Member Krutsinger, Caren Avatar Krutsinger, Caren United States 130
3 Asuncion, Bernard F. Avatar Asuncion, Bernard F. Philippines 108
4 Premium Member HANKINS, L MILTON Avatar HANKINS, L MILTON United States 93
5 Premium Member Lee Sr., James Edward Avatar Lee Sr., James Edward United States 68
6 Premium Member Seeker, Unseeking Avatar Seeker, Unseeking India 65
7 Premium Member Wolf, Gershon Avatar Wolf, Gershon United States 60
8 nnoli, richard  Avatar nnoli, richard Nigeria 41
9 Premium Member Peckham, Barbara Avatar Peckham, Barbara United States 39
10 Oswell, Bias Avatar Oswell, Bias Canada 37
11 Premium Member Anderson, John Avatar Anderson, John Australia 33
12 Premium Member McIntosh, Regina Avatar McIntosh, Regina United States 33
13 Premium Member Rigoler, Maurice Avatar Rigoler, Maurice United States 32
14 Premium Member Gauthier, Line Avatar Gauthier, Line Canada 31
15 Premium Member johnson, curtis Avatar johnson, curtis United States 31
16 Premium Member Evans, Beth  Avatar Evans, Beth Australia 29
17 Nerone, Giacomo Avatar Nerone, Giacomo Andorra 28
18 Premium Member Romios, Panagiota Avatar Romios, Panagiota United States 28
19 Premium Member Tayeb, Lasaad Avatar Tayeb, Lasaad United States 28
20 Tao, Angelica Avatar Tao, Angelica United States 27
21 Premium Member La France, Constance Avatar La France, Constance Canada 24
22 Alex, Christuraj Avatar Alex, Christuraj India 23
23 Scragg, Natasha L Avatar Scragg, Natasha L United Kingdom 23
24 Ward, Daisy Avatar Ward, Daisy United States 22
25 Premium Member Balasubramanian, Rama Avatar Balasubramanian, Rama India 20
26 Faries, Marissa Avatar Faries, Marissa Canada 20
27 Pathak, Aniruddha Avatar Pathak, Aniruddha India 20
29 Behm, Kurt Philip Avatar Behm, Kurt Philip United States 19
30 Premium Member Cozart, Dale Gregory Avatar Cozart, Dale Gregory United States 18
31 Premium Member Hawkins, Shirley Avatar Hawkins, Shirley Australia 18
32 Premium Member Sinha-Roy, Subimal Avatar Sinha-Roy, Subimal India 18
33 Premium Member Udaeta, Melani Avatar Udaeta, Melani United States 18
34 Crisci, Andrew Avatar Crisci, Andrew United States 17
35 Premium Member Goldsmith, Paula Avatar Goldsmith, Paula United States 17
36 Premium Member Kaufman, Nancy Avatar Kaufman, Nancy United States 17
37 Premium Member Agustin, Beata Avatar Agustin, Beata Philippines 16
38 hansen, jan Avatar hansen, jan Portugal 16
39 Horn, James Avatar Horn, James United States 16
40 Premium Member Masonis, William Avatar Masonis, William United States 16
41 Premium Member Skelly, Delice Arleen Avatar Skelly, Delice Arleen Ireland 16
42 Flaherty, Christopher Avatar Flaherty, Christopher United Kingdom 15
43 Premium Member Lindley, Robert Avatar Lindley, Robert United States 15
44 Premium Member Merryman, Kim Avatar Merryman, Kim United States 15
45 Premium Member Rodrigues, Kim Avatar Rodrigues, Kim United States 15
46 Premium Member Strand, Brian Avatar Strand, Brian United Kingdom 15
47 Taylor, Jehiel Avatar Taylor, Jehiel United States 15
48 bauer, ilene Avatar bauer, ilene United States 14
49 Ekwobi, Chinedum Avatar Ekwobi, Chinedum Nigeria 14
50 Premium Member Flood, Terry Avatar Flood, Terry United Kingdom 14