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These are top 100 poets that have submitted the most poems within the past two weeks. Updated every 24 hours.

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RankPM PoetCountry# Poems
1 Asuncion, Bernard F. Avatar Asuncion, Bernard F. Philippines 130
2 Premium Member Lee Sr., James Edward Avatar Lee Sr., James Edward United States 99
3 Payton, Normie Avatar Payton, Normie United States 99
4 Acrich, marc Avatar Acrich, marc United States 98
5 Premium Member Ellison, Jack Avatar Ellison, Jack Canada 70
6 Horn, James Avatar Horn, James United States 59
7 Premium Member Gauthier, Line Avatar Gauthier, Line Canada 58
8 Talbot, Mick Avatar Talbot, Mick United Kingdom 58
9 Premium Member Enriquez, Leon Avatar Enriquez, Leon Singapore 57
10 Premium Member Rigoler, Maurice Avatar Rigoler, Maurice United States 53
11 Behm, Kurt Philip Avatar Behm, Kurt Philip United States 52
12 Ochwo-Oburu, Solomon Avatar Ochwo-Oburu, Solomon Uganda 48
13 Premium Member Rodrigues, Kim Avatar Rodrigues, Kim United States 45
14 Cook, Tom Avatar Cook, Tom United States 44
15 Premium Member parker, cs Avatar parker, cs United States 44
16 Pemberton, Jim Avatar Pemberton, Jim United States 37
17 Premium Member Lindsey, Catie Avatar Lindsey, Catie United States 36
18 Premium Member Krutsinger, Caren Avatar Krutsinger, Caren United States 30
19 Walkingshoes , Anderson Avatar Walkingshoes , Anderson Ghana 30
20 harris, matthew Avatar harris, matthew United States 29
21 Smallshaw, John Avatar Smallshaw, John United Kingdom 29
22 Premium Member Strand, Brian Avatar Strand, Brian United Kingdom 27
23 Premium Member Raynes, Lewis Avatar Raynes, Lewis Australia 26
24 curtis futch jr, kurtis scott aka Avatar curtis futch jr, kurtis scott aka United States 24
25 Sinha-Roy, Subimal Avatar Sinha-Roy, Subimal India 20
26 Nerone, Giacomo Avatar Nerone, Giacomo Brazil 19
27 Premium Member One, Silent  Avatar One, Silent United Kingdom 19
28 udarwar, amolkumar Avatar udarwar, amolkumar India 19
29 Wolf, Gershon Avatar Wolf, Gershon United States 19
30 Premium Member Dillenbeck, Gerald Avatar Dillenbeck, Gerald United States 18
31 Premium Member Robinson Jr., Freddie Avatar Robinson Jr., Freddie United States 18
32 Premium Member ALLISON, JAN Avatar ALLISON, JAN Isle Of Man 17
33 Bell, Deborah  Avatar Bell, Deborah United States 17
34 Biggs, Chelci Avatar Biggs, Chelci United States 17
35 Premium Member Frank, Mark Avatar Frank, Mark South Africa 17
36 Premium Member lawless, John Avatar lawless, John United States 17
37 Macdonald, Maxie Avatar Macdonald, Maxie South Africa 17
38 Slaughter, Jim Avatar Slaughter, Jim United States 17
39 Premium Member Wings, Broken Avatar Wings, Broken Canada 17
40 Premium Member Barden, Gregory R Avatar Barden, Gregory R United States 16
41 Duffy, Alex Avatar Duffy, Alex United Kingdom 16
42 Gupta, Probir Avatar Gupta, Probir India 16
43 Premium Member Hauser , Mike Avatar Hauser , Mike United States 16
44 Premium Member Pinet, Emile Avatar Pinet, Emile Canada 16
45 Salmonson, Jessica Amanda Avatar Salmonson, Jessica Amanda United States 15
46 trevino, carlos Avatar trevino, carlos United States 15
47 bauer, ilene Avatar bauer, ilene United States 14
48 Hopper, Anna Avatar Hopper, Anna United States 14
49 Premium Member Loo, Laura Avatar Loo, Laura United States 14
50 Peloquin, Amanda Avatar Peloquin, Amanda United States 14