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Game over

I burst through my kitchen door knocking down my mother in the process and said "outta the way loser".

I went down to my gamer cave to reign my epicness on these poor little noobs at my feet begging for mercy, but it's them I shall beat.

But my noob powning session came to a swift end, because I heard a pound above my head.

When my daddy gets home smelling like big boy juice, he always plays a game of tag where mommy is the runner and his fist is it.

I realized this wasn't a boss I couldnt beat at my current level, so I got an upgrade.

I grabbed my trusty fork and shoved it into the nearest socket at full force, the exp was to much so my brain went numb and I blacked out.

After I regened some health I woke up with red Mana dripping from my nose. I knew I was ready to take on the final boss now.

I limped up the stairs but that was only because my body was readjusting to the powers.

when I got up the stairs I said to my dad "game over" but before I could even finish speaking my dad uppertagged me so hard my head hit the ceiling. 

As my jaw hung loosely from my face my dad looked down to me and said playfully "your it"

I gave my dad a light little tag on the shoulder, and in response he tagged my arm so hard I could hear a silly little crack that made my arm go numb.

My dad then climbbed onto the couch and started throwing pillows at me, all the while singing "you can't catch me" "you can't catch me"

My dad jumped off the couch and tagged me so hard I went flying out the window, then my silly little fence tagged me right through the chest

My dad walked up to where I was lying on the ground in a pool of manna and said to me "you and your mom are noobs" "bet you wish you had a health potion".

As I was fading in and out of consciousness my dad was dangling a health kit right above my head, and all I could say was "nice one dad".

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