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Crisp day snow crunching as I walk
Rosy cheeks, from the air that bites
Flakes of snow, flying like kites
I am busy here, no time to talk.

Little red squirrel nestling in the pines
Silence around except for the crunching snow
Burdened branches that are straining, lay low
Winters snowfall can be solemn at times. 

Things look different with a blanket on top
Although the sights have been seen before
Everything looks magnified, right done to the core
Mounds of snow on roofs, icicles starting to drop. 

Found some tracks amongst the trees
Mother deer and her small doe,
They weren’t bothered, snow on their nose
Standing in snow drifts up to their knees. 

Two cardinals perching, happy to be together
Snowy owl hoots from a broken down fence
Starring at me, trying to make some sense
Why I’m out here in this kind of weather.

I brought some food for my winter friends
It serves me well to know they are contented
Happy with what has been presented
They get the message that it sends.

Chowing down some seeds, that I laid out
Little do they know they’ll be fed tomorrow,
Seeing them cold and hungry, brings sorrow
They’ll are well cared for no doubt.

Little bird houses all trimmed and hung
Each with their own window and door,
And some straw blankets the floor 
Time to give back  for the songs they sung. 

Copyright © douglas pederson