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The sky is empty, apart from a crescent moon, all is black.
Another night, a single star was my only light to show me the way.
No why, just do; a chance we must never take back,
Or we will break apart all that which we want, while we wait.

For we are singular in our shared goals.
One soul, then two souls, then one soul once more.
In a mind so empty of love, I hide inside a hole,
Not knowing that the last has come; the time of the fall.

In heart shaped tears we disappear
And all that remains is the corpse that I am.
Without the fear of loss, we would have nothing left to fear
And without those feelings, I would never give a damn.

Heartless or blessed with a need to find love?
A curse or a blessing? 
A cure or a drug?

Time is definitive, decisions are not.
One path leads us forward,
The other path is a dead end where we must stop.
No shelter from the future of what could become us.
Destiny or fate?  I have suffered too much.

Life is no box of chocolates,
It is alcohol.
We take life by the hand so happily,
While time only ever ends for us…so what do we know?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey