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You Must Let Go

When it comes to the end of time
And the sun did not shine 
 No crying nor a room filled with tears
My spirit and soul will be at rest 
set free, set free indeed
Miss me you may, only for a little while
And now take your head out of the sand
Just remember the love we once shared
Yes miss me, but you must go on
For this journey, I must take alone
It’s part of God’s master plan
That all must take one day
Step out of one world into another
No more sickness no more distresses
Gone out of this physical world
Into the one unseen
The hills are high, the valleys are low
Both are between two mountains side
I will see no shadows there
I shall fear no rain that falls
I shall hear the nightingale sing
Which will signal the coming of the King
Who is wise let him hear
That voice playing in their hearts
And consider the great love of the Lord
So let go that He may be apart

Copyright © Julius Lawrence