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Docteur Bovary: Blessed Are The Meek

Madame Bovary is the première novel of French writer Gustave Flaubert, published in 1856. It tells the melancholy story of the entitled marriage into a lackluster middle-class lifestyle that ends in tragedy. Docteur Bovary: Blessed Are The Meek.
Yet was oft-mocked, a humble sort, Subsist med recruit, 2nd strength, Officier in Public Health grants. Weds Dubuc, whom his mother grants, Meets Emma Rouault whom his sort, Héloïse dies courts Emma, strength. A doctor of meager practice strength, Is compassionate and bored grants, Lacking enterprise ought to sort. Clueless sort, strength was debted Emma and grants's her owning dalliances by various men justified as being fate.
2020 February 10

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