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Would You Love Me Anyway

Looking back over the years
 remembering all the heartaches, pain, and tears
succumbing to that endless look of frustration
 extending beyond love's anticipation,
tell me; 
 if you knew the outcome would be like this
would you have let me steal
 that unsolicited first kiss?

If the memories were better
 full of joy and happiness not bitter
and every effort made
 could be less a price paid -
what would you most have missed?
 The love beyond all measure
all the experiences treasured?

If there was a do-over
 and life could be roses and clover
tell me true
 would you have said that I do?
And if time could be rehearsed
 giving all to the fates of the universe
could you do it all again and the vows say
 would you love me anyway?


Copyright © DM Babbit