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Children At Birth That Are Born Different

Moving through out space with out moving
having mass it moves around them.
Without understanding
those whom once did can not in the now
dare allow this.

Moving at will from one point to the next
with clear understanding that the strongest
of these
that can come into your mind while you sleep
to show you the truth.

There are better ways to understand what
they do but for now they are
traumatized on purpose through physical
psychological and emotional pain.

Gifts brought out through torture not unlike those
that are done through partial birth abortions.
Where logic would dictate that through the
process of unnatural selection one would keep
these viable healthy babies
instead of the ones that they make room for
in their prisons.

Children that could if allowed to live
bring forth peace and tranquility just by their
presence in a room.
By their simple touch when a little bit older confer
unto they what is wrong
when another is I'll and how to heal them.
Good through loving parent's made better where
no is a statement not unnecessarily
uttered by abusive ignorant parent's that think
they are normal
while they were abused as a child and have no problem
stating that they turned out fine
and by simple observation others can see they did not.

Children whom are so empathic
they become I'll
while in the presence of those whom are evil
like corrupt politicians and those bad cops whom receive
pleasure in the knowledge as to why
they love to harm and yes kill.
So many of these that by being beat on abused by teachers
and all those young bullies
whom are as they are from their own abusive parents.
In the U.S. thinking this is possible
is why millions go to the movies and see this alternative life.

This war from birth on all these young children
is nothing more than am attempt to erase what all reach for.

Copyright © James McLain