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Lemming Siren Song

Another sound byte,
the latest alligator lip lie
Patent leather fake promises
being fed to graven idol sick fools
thru an intravenous video tube

And they willing give Kevorkian consent
to vote for their own suicidal self-interest
Such an anti-global citizen attitude
is lemming leading tools
to the ledge edge of the cliff
Deferentially staring down 
the bottomless 
black hole
of the nuclear abyss

Fresh poll pocket prey
is attracting those cold, reptilian eyes 
The next mercantile exchange
is gold index ticking stratosphere high
O how puppet warm is the mushroom cloud sky!

Pinocchio promises
has a Pied Piper nasal sound
Long snout tout truths
ain’t nothing but marionette lies — 
cry wolf by wool suit clowns

Dollar drones can’t hear the silent siren alarm,
the buzz allure of profit
always lemming leads them on

Do you love that precipice song,
war drumbeat vibrations?  Patriotic waves,
at the temptation hour,
that moves the automaton crowd

Do you lemming follow along,
giving servile affirmation?    Apathy paves
the cash path to power 
for those crooked jaw crocodiles

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr.