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I can remember as a kid a toy that was popular, that I had called trolls
They were funny little cavemen with colorful hair and eyes the glowed
It was the fad to collect them all and to trim and shape their funny hair
They were fun to style and show off their funny fashion flair

Once the fad was over, they became the subject of horror movies
Depicted as nasty, mischievous little demons that were loony
They were evil green looking monsters out to get revenge
A goal of taking over the world where goodness would end

Trolls now take on the latter meaning in today’s world
Lurking quietly and hidden until they come out unfurled
Slinging verbal attacks toward others that are vile and mean
Mainly cowards that are full of hot hair blowing off steam

Trolls can go away and back to their miserable lonely homes
Stay out of the limelight and stop throwing hurtful stones
Trolls best belong as memories of sweet childhood toys
Not cowardly beings out expressing hatred just to annoy

Copyright © Tania Kitchin