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Hello friends and future friends. I hope my 
choice of my poetic form is totally absurd. 
I don't even know what an Epithalamium is; 
so if you are looking for this form, I'm sorry 
to disappoint. I haven't posted in awhile, and 
perhaps it may be a bit instead of me just 
blurting out my mind through my mouth. 
I just got vack from a recent trip to 
Cartagena, Colombia and have been 
writing a collection. 

I am going to title it "poems from a broard"; 
the broad in this case is mi Musa Melissa. 
(Maureen, Melissa said you are beautiful 
and kept saying "weeeeee" [your last comment]

Presently I am trying to organize poems that 
I wrote on my trip as well as a lot written in the 
airport waiting to reluctantly leave Cartagena.

Please por favor keep in mind that I would like 
to present this as if a book; but know only 10 
poems for a period of 24 hours.; so hang in 
there with me and I will start to share. 
Thanks to all the folks I have met here, 
and the folks I hope to meet. Blessings!!!

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