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The Wedding of Marmie and Thadius

Marmie was beyond beautiful, ready for this day, all of her life.
Thadius was feeling great, marrying a helpmate and friend this day.
They were matched in intellect, emotionally sound, without strife.
They had met at work, and established a friendship first, smartest way.

His family and friends were grinning with curiously surprised faces, not quite sure.
But her friends and family knew that she was clear in her mind, 
Thadius was the one.
They were the loveliest couple of all time, so young and sweet and pure.
The flower girl tipped her basket, spilling out the rose petals, which was fun.

The minister mispronounced his name, so Marmie corrected him 
in a subtle way.
Her hand was in his, and they smiled at each other like a trophy they had won.
We, the bride’s family, knew it was a terrific ending to a well-thought out day.
The groom’s family was relieved he had found a wife who knew how to have fun.

We did not know them well, and they did not know us either, 
but over the years.
Sharing six grandchildren, and arriving at events to watch and play,
We have learned them, and they have learned us, 
and there are absolutely no fears
That our daughter is in the best of hands, 
even if she lives six hours away.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger